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The biggest variety of pancakes, from sweet ones to spicy or traditional pancakes of Kėdainiai. If you are interested in tasting, choose among selections of degustation.

Here, you can also try the "Kėdainiai pancakes“ (under the name "Kėdainiečio kasdienybė“).

Kėdainiai pancakes are grated potatoes pancakes stuffed with pork mince. They are usually served with bacon sauce and sour cream.

The “author” of these pancakes is Mrs. Katerina Stravinskienė. She came to Kėdainiai from Ukraine 35 years ago, after her marriage.  In fertilizer-producing factory where she was working there was a tradition to prepare festive tables with dishes during festivals. It was a kind of competition between departments – whose dishes will be the most delicious and the table the most beautiful. Mrs. Katerina did not have much meat and decided to make potato pancakes and stuff them with minced pork. Such pancakes were popular in Ukraine, but she made them in a slightly different way. Those who tried them liked them a lot. She was asked to give them a name and after a joint effort the pancakes were called “Kėdainiai pancakes.” Gradually, they became very popular in cafes, canteens and households – pancakes were inexpensive, substantional, easy to make and delicious!

Kėdainiai pancakes are very popular among locals and you can order them in the crêperie “Nu, blyn“


Didžioji str. 22, Kėdainiai