"Aušra" progymnasium swimming pool

Address 30 Chemikų Street, Kėdainiai

"Owl Village"

Pelėdnagiai is a historic village near (4 km) Kėdainiai. The women of "Owl Village" will treat you with an owl egg cooked in ember or fireplace, as well as broth, cheese, carrot and apple pie, little carrot sandwiches, and acorn coffee from the Millennium Oak Forest of Lithuania.

Address V. Koncevičiaus 3, Pelėdnagiai, Kėdainiai District

1863 Uprising Museum

You can book the following thematic lessons in the museum: "Paberžė and the 1863 Uprising", "Life after the 1863 Uprising", "Paberžė symbols - suns, chapel columns, roof columns, bowl stones", "1863 Uprising in Lithuania", "Memorable places of the 1863 Uprising".

Address Paberžė, Kėdainiai District

Akademija pond

It is a pond in Dotnuvėlė River valley which formed in 1968 after flooding the riverbed (23.6 km from the river estuary). Pond length is 3.2 km, width is up to 0.19 km. The average pond depth is around 1.8 m, the largest depth is 5.8 m. The swimming site is installed on the left bank of the pond, near Akademija Gymnasium. There is a changing cabin, maintained lawn and a sand beach. 

Address Akademija, Kėdainiai District

Ašarėna pond

Ašarėna is a small river in Pelėdnagiai Local Authority. It starts at the edge of Pašiliai forest. It flows to the northeast along the edge of the forest, and through the forest further on. It flows in the lower reaches through Kėdainiai–Babtai road and flows into Nevėžis. Ašarėna pond covers 5.7 ha by Pelėdnagiai village. A well-kept swimming site is installed, which is particularly favoured by the locals and Kėdainiai townspeople. There are changing cabins, toilets, a tower, a sand beach and a car parking lot.

Address Pelėdnagiai, Kėdainiai District
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