Ambraziūnai Mound

The mound is established in the shore cape in the junction point of Šušvė and Šakė Rivers.

Address Krakės Neighbourhood, Kėdainiai District

Apytalaukis Church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul

With the care of the nobleman Petras Šiukšta, the constructions of a brick church in place of the wooden one began in 1635.

Address Apytalaukis Village, Vilainiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Apytalaukis Manor and Park

It is established 5 km to the north from Kėdainiai, near Nevėžis inflow Alkupis River. Apytalaukis was mentioned for the first time in H. Vartbergė's "Chronicle of Livonia" in 1371.

Address Alkupio str. 1, Apytalaukis, Kėdainiai District

Art boutique "Glaziers' House"

It offers art works ranging from lovely knickknacks to works by Lithuanian artists: jewellery, accessories, clothes, and home décor items.


Ašarėna pond

Ašarėna is a small river in Pelėdnagiai Local Authority. It starts at the edge of Pašiliai forest. It flows to the northeast along the edge of the forest, and through the forest further on. It flows in the lower reaches through Kėdainiai–Babtai road and flows into Nevėžis. Ašarėna pond covers 5.7 ha by Pelėdnagiai village. A well-kept swimming site is installed, which is particularly favoured by the locals and Kėdainiai townspeople. There are changing cabins, toilets, a tower, a sand beach and a car parking lot.

Address Pelėdnagiai, Kėdainiai District

Babėnai forest

Babėnai forest-park, covering an area of 292 ha, is on the northern side, and expands to almost 5 km on the right slope of Nevėžis Valley, along Kėdainiai–Krekenava road from Kėdainiai hospital until Sirutiškis.

Address At the end of Aušros Street

Babėnai quarry

Babėnai quarry was dug up in 1950–1953 and used as a sand and gravel pool. 

Address Babėnai, Kėdainiai District

Bakainiai Mound

Bakainiai Mound Complex, consisting of a castle hill with two fore-works and defensive ramparts, is one of the largest mounds in our district providing beautiful views of nature. 

Address Surviliškis Neighbourhood, Kėdainiai District
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