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In August, Kėdainiai Old Town is filled with the sounds of jazz and jazz lovers. The jazz festival promotes jazz culture and helps fall in love with it (one of the streets of Old Town in Kėdainiai is named after Jazz). Versatility of the program in terms of jazz styles, as well as jazz synthesis with other styles of music and art disciplines is a unique feature of the festival. The music of the festival includes swing, funk, big band jazz, electrobop, eclectic electrosoul, house, smooth jazz, free jazz, soul, r&b styles and their mixes. The festival program includes both Lithuanian and foreign jazz artists. Music also attracts local entrepreneurs to the streets and corners of Kėdainiai Old Town – they contribute to the festival program with their initiatives. Streets and courtyards of the Old Town are filled with the hustle and bustle of various sounds. During these days, Kėdainiai has a different and very loud sound!



International Jazz Festival "Broma Jazz"
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