Terespolis Manor and Park

The manor is situated 32 km to the north-west of Kėdainiai. Terespolis Manor was built at the end of the 19th century – at the beginning of the 20th century.

Address Terespolis, Gudžiūnai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

The Christ Conversion Orthodox Church

The orthodox parish was established in Kėdainiai in 1645, when Jonušas Radvila married his second wife Maria Lupu.

Address Gedimino str. 2, Kėdainiai

The Geographical Centre of Lithuania

In 1995, the location of the geographical centre of Lithuania was officially established in Ruoščiai Village.

Address Ruoščiai Village, Kėdainiai District

The Museum of 1863 Uprising and the Museum of Father Stanislovas' Liturgical Art

The Museum of 1863 Uprising was established in Paberžė in 1993. This was the place where Antanas Mackevičius, one of the leaders of the 1893 Uprising, formed a group of 250 rebels, which was one of the first in Kaunas governorate, and stood in an open fight against the tsarist regime, serfage and the cruel arbitrariness of landowners and authorities. The museum was established in 1793, in the manor built by a German-born count Stanislovas Šilingas

Address Paberžė, Gudžiūnai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

The Oak of Mikalojus Daukša

This is the oldest oak in Kėdainiai (size – 5.4 m, diameter – 1.70 m. height – 23 m.).

Address Babėnai

Town Hall

At Didžiosios Rinkos Square one can admire one of the three surviving town halls in Lithuania and the only one with a Renaissance style. It was built in the 17th century.

Address Didžioji str. 1 , Kėdainiai

Town Hall

The former Kėdainiai Town Hall was rebuilt from a two-storey masonry in 1653-1654.

Address Didžioji str. 1, Kėdainiai

Town Hall Textiles

Town Hall Textiles offers handbags, products made of natural linen, cotton and wool, jewellery,
handmade soaps and essential oils.

Address Didžiosios Rinkos a. 6-2
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