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Skinderiškis Dendrological Park is located in the centre of Lithuania, where Samogitian heights meet the Central plains, near Šušvė River. It covers and area of 125 ha, and is divided according to the geographical plant origin zones. It received the name of a dendrological park due to its many species of exotic trees, shrubs and lianas brought from various corners of the world, which are usually grown in botanical and dendrological gardens. The park has 1300 species, subspecies, varieties, forms and kinds of trees, schrubs and lianas. It also has survey towers, gazebos, benches, information directories and a playground for children. The creator of the park is Kęstutis Kaltenis, who received Valdas Adamkus award in 1993.


Užvarčiai village, Kėdainiai District

Skinderiškis Dendrological Park
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