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Skinderiškis Dendrological Park was established in place of the former Skinderiškis Manor and village, in the junction point of two geographic landscapes – Žemaičiai Highland and Central Lithuanian Plain. It is a western edge of Kėdainiai District, 13 km to the northwest from Josvainiai town. Forester Kęstutis Kaltenis is the founder, conservator and manager of the park. Skinderiškis Dendrological Park is similar to botanical gardens according to its dendrological value. The park has a large variety of woody plant species and taxa – around 1300 species, subspecies, varieties, forms and kinds of trees, bushes and lianas – of which 150 are coniferous and 1150 deciduous taxa – grow here. It is one of the most abundant dendrological collections in Lithuania. A geographical layout was selected for Skinderiškis Park. The park was divided into the following geographical groups of plants: Europe, Siberia, Caucasus, Central Asia, China - Japan, east of North America, and west of North America. Most plants - around 350 plant species are from the East Asia part also called the Far East, which covers the Far East of Russia, China, Korea and Japan. Around 250 species were brought from North America. The structure of the park allows its visitors to compare the flora of different geographical regions and continents. The park has information plates with plant names, benches, information stands, directions of geographical groups of plants, and three observation towers rising to a height of seven metres. A covered stage, outdoor furniture and a fireplace are provided in the central part of the park. There is a car parking lot with recreational benches, gazebo and swings. The park was decorated with a sculpture "Hands that nurture a tree", dedicated to the founder of the park Kęstutis Kaltenis. It is located near the central site of the park. The park which was established in 1971 covers an area of 123 ha, including 39.5 ha of the waters of Šušvė dam. The waters of the pond are closely interconnected with dry land – peninsulas, islands and bays, and form a single unit supplemented by the natural greenery of Šušvė River. Next to the various and rich dendrology collection, the park also has many stones – traces of ice ages in our country. The park is especially beautiful in autumn, when maples turn red, as well as in spring – when magnolias are in bloom!


In 1993, Kęstutis Kaltenis received an award from Valdas Adamkus for his enthusiasm to preserve the nature of Lithuania.

In January of 2008, Kęstutis Kaltenis was honoured with the "Lietuvos kaimo spindulys" (Ray of sunshine of rural Lithuania) award in a contest organized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

On 2 June 2011, during the commemoration of the World Environment Day, Kęstutis Kaltenis received Viktoras Bergas award for his dedication to his profession and tireless work preserving forests.


Krakiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Skinderiškis Dendrological Park
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