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It was called a dendrological park because of the variety of exotic trees, shrubs, and lianes brought here from different parts of the world and usually cultivated in botanical and dendrological parks. The park has 1,400 species, subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of trees, shrubs and lianes. There are observation towers, gazebos, benches, information signs for visitors and a playground for children. The bend in the River Šušvė offers scenic vistas. The founder of the park Kęstutis Kaltenis was awarded Valdas Adamkus prize in 1993. The park is particularly picturesque in the autumn, when about 60 species of maple trees change colours and in spring when the magnolias are in blossom.


Užvarčiai village, Kėdainiai District

Skinderiškis Dendrological Park
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