Babėnai forest recreational path 

Babėnai forest is a 292 ha recreational array in Kėdainiai. The forest is dominated by pine and oak trees. Common maple trees are intensively regrowing in the glade. The average age of these forest trees exceeds 100 years. A wellness trail and an educational-recreational path are built in this forest.  Observation and rest sites are built near the paths, where you will also find sculptures carved from oak by folk artists. The total length of the paths is 3.7 km. The wellness trail and educational-recreational path include two constructional road covering solutions - wood and stone sediment paths. This path is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in nature, safely visit the forest, promote a healthy lifestyle and spend time actively. The path is adapted for the disabled. You can read more about this path on our website in the section "Recreation in nature". The beginning of the path is at the end of Aušros street or you can fnd it by going through Budrio street until the end, taking the right turn and going for about 50 more metres.

Pedestrian and bicycle trail of Kėdainiai town park

The main entrance to the park is from the side of J. Basanavičiaus str.

The total length of the paths is 6.5 km. The park extends along Dotnuvėlė River for about 1.5 km. It is the former Kėdainiai Manor Homestead whose park can be admired throughout the year. It is one of the oldest scenic parks in Lithuania, established in the 19th century, and has many local and exotic trees, remaining cellars, gates and a minaret. There are bicycle and pedestrian paths, and bridges through Dotnuvėlė River, one of which leads to the minaret. In 1944, E. Totleben manor house was destroyed by the retreating German army. Only two cellars, gates, vases, Dotnuvėlė dam and the minaret remain. The park can be reached from the train station by walking through the railway crossing, where the minaret is nearby. 

Pedestrian and bicycle path along Nevėžis

The 400 m path runs along Nevėžis River, from the former Kėdainiai port area to Skongalis dam and monument to the partisans.

Pedestrial path in Skinderiškis Dendrological Park

The park that covers 123 ha has one of the largest dendrological collections in Lithuania which includes more than a thousand species, subspecies and forms of trees and bushes. Three routes were designed for the observation of the valuable collection, the total length of which is 5.5 km. Information road signs, stands, observation sites, gazebos, outdoor furniture and fireplaces are built near the paths. The park is also decorated with sculptures.