Nykis elm tree

There is an impressive tree growing in Gudžiūnai Local Authority between Miegėnai and Paberžė (there is a direction sign on the road to Paberžė), near Nykis River.

Address Gudžiūnai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Pilsupiai Exposure

Pilsupiai exposure can be found in Pilsupiai Village.

Siponiai Footprint Stone

It is called a Footprint Stone (also – Ožakmenis), and is situated in a cultivated field around 0.8 km from Mantviliškis–Dotnuva road. The stone has a brownish colour, pointing towards the top. It has 4 holes on its western side, reminiscent of animal feet. The size of "Goat feet" is 5,5x2 cm and 5.5x1.5 cm, while their depth is 3 cm. The size of the other two holes are 6x2 cm and 3,5x1 cm, while their depth is 2 cm.

Address Dotnuva Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Šventybrastis Oaks

The oaks of Šventybrastis date back to pre-Christian times.

Address Šventybrastis, Vilainiai Neighbourhood, Kėdainiai District

Vozbučiai Exposure

Vozbučiai exposure is within the territory of Krakės Neighbourhood, in the surrounding area of Vosbučiai village, near the junction of Šušvė and Ginėvė Rivers.