The cafe is located near the main town park, attractive recreational area.

Address 24 A. Mickevičiaus Street, Kėdainiai

"Beneto karčema"

Address 7 Senoji Street, Kėdainiai

Charlie pizza

Address 93 J. Basanavičiaus Street, Kėdainiai

Coffee House "Kavamanija"

The most delicious coffee in the first coffee bar in Kėdainiai - prepared only with great love. "Kavamanija" – know the taste of fresh coffee.

Address Didžioji str. 26, Kėdainiai

Kono pica

Address J. Basanavičiaus str. 17A, Kėdainiai

,,Savas kampas“

Address 39a Didžioji Street, Kėdainiai

Dinery "Lautina"

In addition to the employees of Lifosa and surrounding companies who come here to eat, this place is also visited by Kėdainiai residents from more remote areas, as the food here is "just like at home"!

Address Juodkiškio str. 50 (within the territory of AB "Lifosa"), Kėdainiai
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