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Poet, writer and Nobel Prize winner Česlovas Milošas was born in Šeteniai, in a modest estate of Zygmantas and Juzefa (Sirutytė) Kunats, the parents of his mother Veronika, on June 30, 1911, and was baptized in Šventybrastis Church located near Šeteniai. His grandparents from his mother's side Sirutis were buried in the cemetery of the same town. Since 1960, he lived and created in the city of Berkeley, and, for a long time, was a lecturer in the University of California. Since the middle of the last decade of the 20th century, he lived in Krakow where he died on 14 August 2004. In 1980, Česlovas Milošas (1911–2004) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Č. Milošas novel "The Valley of Isa" reflects his childhood memories in Šeteniai, the life at that time, the beauty of the nature of the Valley of Isa (Nevėžis River), as well as reveals the internal feelings of a person growing up in this place. The unique beauty of the river valley in Šeteniai remained until the poet's return. Funds were provided by the company "Lifosa" and the White Granary was restored as a small conference centre. This area has an exposition dedicated to Česlovas Milošas. The Valley of Nevėžis River was decorated with sculptures portraying the characters of the novel "The Valley of Isa", as well as dedicated to the poet's work and Šeteniai. Now, the Residential Conference Centre of Česlovas Milošas belongs to Vytautas Magnus University.

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Šeteniai, Vilainiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District


Birthplace/Residential Conference Centre of Czeslaw Milosz
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