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Bernardine Monastery was established in Dotnuva in 1701, whose brick building kept on growing. The constructions of the late Baroque style Church of the Lord Revelation for St. Mary the Virgin ended in 1810. Since the landlords Chrapowicki have partially funded the construction of Dotnuva Church, the frieze of the central altar is decorated with the gypsum medal of Chrapowicki family coat of arms. Dotnuva Church was closed down by the tsarist government for active participation in the 1831 Uprising, and monks were exiled to Siberia. In 1990, a Capuchin Monastery was established in Dotnuva (establisher - Father Stanislovas). Dotnuva Church has many art treasures: paintings, altars and sculptures. The monastery has a library and Museum of Liturgical Clothing, as well as a cell built for Father Stanislovas.


57 Vytauto Street, Dotnuva, Kėdainiai District


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Open during Holy Mass

Church of Annunciation and Bernardine Monastery
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