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Akademija is situated around 15 km to the north-west of Kėdainiai. Dotnuva was first mentioned in written sources in 1372. Dotnuva Manor is known since the 16th century. A geometric park was established in the middle of the 19th century. Agriculture and Forestry School was established in Dotnuva Manor in 1919. In 1922, the school was named the Agricultural Technical School, and later an agricultural academy was established which was relocated to Kaunas in 1947. The Manor House was soon called the academy. Dotnuva Manor Park was considered to be one of the richest according to its dendrological value in Lithuania. Families currently live in the former Manor House, and the house itself is surrounded by preserved ponds. Monuments to agricultural scientists - liberators of Klaipėda Region are built in the park. A stone was dedicated to commemorate the march of Dotnuva Agricultural Technical School students and teachers in 1923 to liberate Klaipėda. 71 men participated in the march – 70 students and their leader professor Viktoras Ruokis united under the flag of a paramilitary organization of shooters.


Akademija, Kėdainiai District

Dotnuva Manor and Park
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