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The farm is situated in the Nevėžis River valley. The landscape is characteristic in picturesque old valley of the river with natural meadows and multiple old riverbeds and remains thereof. The meadows are rich in rare plants. A lot of species bloom in spring (primrose, orchis)  and summer. To save the biodiversity of the valley, farmers do not plough the meadows and use cattle grazing.

Pilgrims of Camino Lituano are welcomed on the farm. A few kilometres away, there is the birthplace of the Nobel prize winning author Czeslaw Milosz. He described the places where he grew up in his novel "The Issa Valley". He called the Nevėžis River by the name "Issa".

It is possible to order educational lessons on the plants of the Nevėžis River valley and farming.

Gineitai village, Kėdainiai District
+370 682 27115 (Vilma)


Gineitai, Kėdainiai District