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The constructions of the Renaissance style Evangelical Reformed Church began in 1631 and were initiated by Kristupas II Radvila and completed by his son Jonušas XI Radvila in 1652. The church preserved its oak pulpit of Renaissance forms, richly ornamented with intricate carvings, with oak panels on the side niches, and an impressive chandelier. One-nave, rectangular, four-tower, of a mixed late Renaissance and Baroque style. The Mausoleum of Dukes Radvilas is the only 17th century nobility cemetery of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania restored in 2001 in Lithuania. Voivods of Vilnius, and great ethons of Lithuania Kristupas Radvila Perkūnas (1547-1603) and Jonušas Radvila (1612-1655) rest in ornate Renaissance and Baroque sarcophagi in the crypt. Restored tin sarcophagi of three young brothers of Jonušas Radvila: Mikalojus (1610–1611), Jurgis (1616–1617), Steponas (1624–1624) and sister Elžbieta (1622–1626) are also preserved here. Dutch mannerism style is reflected in the ornaments of the church interior and sarcophagi.


Senoji str. 1, Kėdainiai


Evangelical Reformed Church and Mausoleum of Dukes Radvilas
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