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Labūnava village belongs to Pelėdnagiai Local Authority. It is 8 km to the southeast of Kėdainiai, near the left Nevėžis inflow - Barupė River. Labūnava was first mentioned in the chronicles of the crusaders in 1364. Labūnava Manor is known since the 16th century. The manor house belonged to noblemen Zabielos in the 19th century. Since ancient times, towers with 1 m thick and 6 m high brick walls remained in Labūnava Manor area. Three-storey facilities were inside of them. In 1946, this place served as a hideout for five partisans, signallers and civilians who died here on Christmas when the Russian army attacked the tower.


Pelėdnagiai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Labūnava manor tower
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