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The idea of building the monument belongs to professor Petras Vasinauskas, and it was created by sculptor Vladas Vildžiūnas and his assistant architect Rimantas Dičius. The monument was created from bronze and stone. The central part of the monument contains the bas-relief of Juozas Tonkūnas and the sign: "Professor Juozas Tonkūnas 1894-1968/ Rector of the Agricultural Academy/ Minister of Education/ prisoner and exile in 1941-1955". The other side of the monument contains the surnames of 80 teachers of the Agricultural Academy and Lithuanian agronomists exiled in 1941 06 13. Monument height – 3.96 m. The celebration of its unveiling was held on 1991 06 14, when commemorating the 50th year anniversary of the first exile of the agronomists.


Akademija (in the park, on the left side from the road leading to the building of the Institute of Agriculture), Dotnuva Local Authority, Kėdainiai District

Monument for Juozas Tonkūnas and Lithuanian agronomists exiles
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