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Pelėdnagiai is a historic village near (4 km) Kėdainiai. The women of "Owl Village" will treat you with an owl egg cooked in ember or fireplace, as well as broth, cheese, carrot and apple pie, little carrot sandwiches, and acorn coffee from the Millennium Oak Forest of Lithuania. They will invite you to listen to owl "songs", legends, stories, fairy tales and interesting facts about the owl. You will learn about the tied owl exhibition, the oldest of which are more than 40 years old. There will be an archery contest, other outdoor games, and you will be able to slide using special skis! You will take a walk, admire and learn about the surroundings of Pelėdnagiai village, as well as the village itself. You will learn to tie a bracelet or an owl by using a thread binding technique.which is more than two thousand years old.


V. Koncevičiaus 3, Pelėdnagiai, Kėdainiai District