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Babėnai forest-park, covering an area of 292 ha, is on the northern side, and expands to almost 5 km on the right slope of Nevėžis Valley, along Kėdainiai–Krekenava road from Kėdainiai hospital until Sirutiškis. In the northern part of the forest, there is Babėnai quarry whose southern bank is a popular area for swimming. Part of the forest is managed as a park. The dominant plants are: oaks, maples, birches, aspens, black alders and other, however there is also a number of conifers: pines, spruces, mountain pines. The average age of these forest trees exceeds 100 years. Military training was carried out in the so-called "rocket base" which was here during the Soviet period. Now the forest is a recreational zone loved by the townspeople. It includes a wellness trail and an educational-recreational path. You can meet cyclist here, or those who came here to jog or simply take a walk. Observation and rest sites, outdoor furniture and fireplaces are built near the paths, where you will also find sculptures carved from oak by folk artists. The total length of the paths is 3.7 km. The wellness trail and educational-recreational path include two constructional road covering solutions - wood and stone sediment paths. The beginning of the path is at the end of Aušros street or you can find it by going through Budrio street until the end, taking the right turn and going for about 50 more metres.


At the end of Aušros Street