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This park was established in 1992 in order to preserve the landscape of the midway of Nevėžis River, its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage values, as well as manage and use them rationally. The total area of the park covers 11 968 ha. This park covers 87 ha in the northern part of Kėdainiai District area. The remaining part of the park is situated in Panevėžis District. Bakainiai Mound is situated within the area of the park. Visitors' Centre of Krekenava Regional Park is established in Krekenava, 28 km from Kėdainiai (Dobrovolė 2, Krekenava, tel. 8604 97164), which has a playful exposition "Variety of old Nevėžis river beds" where the uniqueness of the regional park is revealed vividly and attractively. A distinctive feature of the midway of Nevėžis River is the picturesque old terrace valley of Nevėžis with natural fields, many old riverbeds and their remains. There is a 30 m observation tower near the Visitors' Centre which reveals a wonderful view of Nevėžis Valley, old hoof-shaped riverbeds, lakelets, Krekenava town with small basilica towers, Central Lithuania plains with fields, forests and scattered homesteads. A 0.5 km "Path of Senses" with twelve stations is established near the centre, where you can swing on water, feel the energy of the oak, walk barefoot through a bare feet massage path, swing, try a natural massage and hear the sounds of nature.


Panevėžys District, Kėdainiai District

Krekenava State Regional Park
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