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The Mausoleum of Dukes Radvilas is a department of Kėdainiai Regional Museum. The crypt was restored in the Evangelical Reformed Church (middle of the 17th c.) in 1995, while the restoration of the unique 17th century sarcophagi of Dukes Radvilas was complete in April of 2001. It was the first cemetery of the nobility of the 17th century Grand Duchy of Lithuana restored in Lithuania, which was established in one of the oldest and largest churches in the former Republic of Two Nations. The Mausoleum includes 6 unique 17th century art and history monuments of national value – the sarcophagi of Dukes Radvilas: Kristupas Perkūnas (1547-1603), Jonušas (1612-1655), Mikalojus (1610-1611), Jurgis (1616-1617), Steponas (1624-1624) and Elžbieta (1622-1626). Dukes Radvilas were one of the most influential noblemen in the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania and owned Kėdainiai for 290 years. An exhibition is established in the church, revealing the history of Kėdainiai Evangelical Reformed Church, the family members of Dukes Radvilas burried in the Mausoleum, and restoration of the sarcophagi.


Senoji str. 1, Kėdainiai


Mausoleum of Dukes Radvilas in the Evangelical Reformed Church
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