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The Museum of 1863 Uprising was established in Paberžė in 1993. This was the place where Antanas Mackevičius, one of the leaders of the 1893 Uprising, formed a group of 250 rebels, which was one of the first in Kaunas governorate, and stood in an open fight against the tsarist regime, serfage and the cruel arbitrariness of landowners and authorities. The museum was established in 1793, in the manor built by a German-born count Stanislovas Šilingas. Antanas Mackevičius and Stanislovas Šilingas, who supported the 1863 Uprising, often dined here and discussed about the organization of the uprising. The museum includes various weapons, personal objects and documents of rebels. The artworks of the most famous Lithuanian graphic artists and painters are exhibited here, which reflect the fights of the rebels. Open-air exhibitions are organized in the museum, as well as the readings of R. M. Rilkė.  Paberžė Church was built by folk artists. It stores the crosses and altars of perhaps the most famous Lithuanian wood carver Vincas Svirskis. You will find a storage of unique items in the church, the old rectory and the granary, which include collections of church art, metal plastics, sculptures, paintings, etc.



Paberžė, Gudžiūnai Local Authority, Kėdainiai District


The Museum of 1863 Uprising and the Museum of Father Stanislovas' Liturgical Art
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